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HY1605T is an intelligent digital multi-mode Flyback controller. The newly developed architecture is inherent features to meet regulatory requirements from around the world.

HY1605T integrates rich protections and features such as line compensation, slope compensation, transformer short protection, output over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, brown in and brown-out protection.

HY1605T is available with the SOT23-6 package.


· Intelligent Digital Multi-Mode Control

·  Peak Current Mode Control at Burst-Mode /PFM/DCM/CCM

·  Continuous-Conduction Mode (CCM) at Low Line (LL), QR at High Line (HL) to Balance the Switching Loss and the Conduction Loss

·  Open Loop Period up to 56ms

·  Switching Frequency Dithering to Improve EMI   

·  Adaptive MOSFET Gate Drive to Balance Switching Loss and EMI

·  MOSFET Gate Voltage is Clamped at 12V

·  Meet Limited Power Source (LPS) safety requirements

·  Rich Protection Features  

§   Output OVP

§   Output UVP


§   Open Loop Protection

§   Transformer Saturation Protection

§   On chip OTP

§   Output Short Circuit Protection

·   Line Feed-forward Compensation

·   Brown-in and Brown-out

·   Power Consumption < 75mW

·   Low Start-Up Current (<3µA)

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