Digital Adaptive Multi-Mode Synchronous Rectifier Controller



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HY923 is a smart digital control synchronous rectifier controller functioning as diode emulator. It drives the standard N-channel Power MOSFET to replace Schottky in order to achieve the high efficiency. HY923 incorporates the digital control technology to optimize the multi-mode operation at DCM / PFM / CCM / QR in the different applications. The digital control technology further enhances the robust CCM operation. Adaptive pre-turning off scheme not only guarantees the fast transition but also minimizes switching loss. The adaptive pre-turn off scheme optimizes the EMI due to the soft SR MOSFET switching off transition. The configurable volt- second threshold through INTG pin avoids SR MOSFET mis-trigger transition due to the parasitic ring under DCM/QR mode. HY923 integrates the multi features to minimize the BOM and optimize the performance.

HY923 is available with SOT23-6 package.


· Support both of High-side and Low-side synchronous rectification without auxiliary winding

· Supports Multi-Mode operation: DCM, CCM, PFM and QR

· Wide output voltage range: 3.2-25V

· High VCC pump to 7V

· High voltage drain sensing up to 150V

· High current gate driver compatible with various MOSFET

· Driver voltage clamped to 7V

· Adaptive pre-turn off driver speeding up turn off transition

· Selectable option for T_OFF_MIN

· Self-supply to maintain operation with output voltage as low as 3.2V

· Shoot through protection (STP)

· Optimized switching loss and EMI

· Low quiescent current

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