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HYC9010 is a high integration smart digital control synchronous rectifier controller together with SR MOSFET in one package. It drives the standard N-channel power MOSFET to replace Schottky in order to achieve the high efficiency. HYC9010 incorporates the digital control technology to optimize the multi-mode operation at DCM/PFM/CCM/QR in the different applications. The digital control technology further enhances the robust CCM operation. Adaptive pre-turning off scheme not only guarantees the fast transition but also minimizes switching loss. The adaptive pre-turnoff scheme optimizes the EMI due to the soft SR MOSFET switching off transition. HYC9010 integrates 8.2mΩ SR MOSFET to minimize the external BOM and optimize the system performance.

HYC9010 is available with SOP8 package.


SR Controller

· Low-side synchronous rectification without auxiliary winding

· Supports Multi-Mode operation: DCM, CCM, PFM and QR

· Wide output voltage range: 3-25V

· Integrated charge pump to provide usable drive voltage

· VDD bias clamped to 8.0V

· Adaptive pre-turn off driver speeding up turn off transition

· Selectable option for T_OFF_MIN

· Shoot through protection (STP)

· Optimized switching loss and EMI

· Low quiescent current


· 8.2mΩ RDS(ON)

· 100% avalanche tested

· 60V Drain-to-Source break down voltage


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