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HY3655E/H/X is an intelligent digital multi-mode Flyback controller with high voltage start up on chip. The newly developed architecture is inherent features to meet regulatory requirements from around the world.

HY3655E/H/X integrates rich protections and features such as line compensation, slope compensation, transformer short protection, output over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, brown in and brown-out, sense resistor short protection.

HY3655E/H/X has 3 options:

HY3655E: 89kHz switching frequency

HY3655H: 130kHz switching frequency

HY3655X: 200kHz switching frequency

HY3655E/H/X is available with the SOP7 package.


· On Chip High Voltage Start Up

· Intelligent Digital Multi-Mode Control

· Peak Current Mode Control at Burst-Mode /PFM/DCM/CCM

· Continuous-Conduction Mode (CCM) at Low Line(LL), QR at High Line(HL) to Balance the Switching Loss and the Conduction Loss

· Over-load Period up to 56ms

· Switching Frequency Dithering to Improve EMI   

· Adaptive MOSFET Gate Drive to Balance Switching Loss and EMI

· GaN FET Gate Voltage is Clamped at 6.5V

· Meet Limited Power Source (LPS) safety requirements

· Rich Protection Features  

§  Output OVP


§  Transformer Saturation Protection

§  Current Sensor Resistor Short Protection

§  Output Over Load Protection

§  On chip OTP

· Line Feed-forward Compensation

· Brown-in and Brown-out

· Power Consumption < 20mW

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